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Rosberg X Racing isn’t just about racing. We’re also here to promote an important message. A key reason we exist is to drive awareness, educate and help tackle climate change. And through our Driven By Purpose Campaign, we plan on doing just that. Alongside supporting Extreme E's legacy projects,

RXR’s #DrivenByPurpose campaign is an initiative that supports sustainability projects at each of the locations the team visits. Leveraging its alliances with both global and local organisations as well as sustainability thought-leaders, the campaign is a key driver in RXR's wider aim of operating as a climate positive team and a leading force for good in the fight against climate change and in championing diversity & equality.

#DrivenByPurpose Projects

2021: RXR x Mary McCartney

RXR is thrilled to announce Mary McCartney as our #DrivenByPurpose sustainable food ambassador.

The most powerful way for any individual to limit climate change is to shift toward plant-based diets. Dedicating just one day a week to eating plant-based foods is an easy way to start.

2021: Italian Red Cross - Italy

Ahead of the Island X Prix, RXR and partners teamed up with the Italian Red Cross to support its local community that has been affected by the recent devastating wildfires via a voucher system. The Italian Red Cross has been responding to the wildfires in Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency, mobilising their local, regional and national resources.

This project aims to provide vouchers to the affected families, which can be redeemed in local partner stores. With contributions made from RXR and partners, our driven by purpose campaign project was able to assist 200 families and an estimated 600 people.

2021: Climate Change in the Arctic - Greenland

Focussing on the current challenges impacting the arctic region, RXR united four diverse perspectives on climate change in the Arctic for the first time ever. Award-winning explorer Sebastian Copeland Adventures, rising climate activist Sascha Blidorf, scientist Prof. Alun Hubbard and Inuit Elder Ole Jorgen Hammekenn all lent their voices and experience for our #DrivenByPurpose campaign video.

2021: Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation - Senegal

RXR partnered with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation ahead of the Ocean X Prix, the second race of the campaign which took place on the shorelines of Lac Rose, Senegal. The project saw RXR support the Foundation’s work with local initiatives which assist rural communities in Senegal to monitor available water resources and the status of vegetation and provide a global platform to communicate the research findings taken from the project via RXR’s digital channels.

2021: Turquoise Mountain x Conrad Electronic - Saudi Arabia

During the season-opening Desert X Prix, RXR partnered with Conrad Electronic to support Turquoise Mountain - an NGO set up by HRH The Prince of Wales - to donate photography & video equipment to predominantly female artisans at the Medrasat Addeera Craft School in AlUla, Saudi Arabia

RXR Become Carbon Heroes

RXR has been officially certified as net carbon-zero as part of its ongoing mission to be a sustainable entity at every level of operation. The certification comes via Berlin-based startup Planetly, which develops digital tools that help companies and organisations analyse, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions.

As part of its role as a ‘Carbon Hero’, RXR is working with Planetly to help South America transition to renewable energy via the installation of 280,000 solar panels across three solar farms in the San Juan province of Argentina. This project aims to reduce the nation's reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source and increase its use of renewable energy sources to pave the way for a clean, sustainable future.

Building on its status as a net carbon-zero team, RXR is now committed to taking the next step and working with its partners to become a climate positive team.

2022: RXR x Turquoise Mountain

Resulting from our collaboration with Turquoise Mountain in 2021, RXR showcased a ceramic charm made by women from the AlUla Craft School using natural mud from the Tabuk region and stamped with the RXR hashtag (#RXR). RXR has been supporting Turquoise Mountain in its effort to restore endangered historic communities and revive traditional crafts by providing viable commercial platforms for trade.

2021: RXR x Prof. Alun Hubbard

Climate change has led to Arctic warming at twice the global average. The knock-on impacts of this include accelerated melting of the ice cap, rising sea levels and severe pressure upon species highly specialised to their biome.

The polar region is crucial in keeping the world’s climate in balance, acting as a huge reflector bouncing some of the sun’s rays back into space. By this mechanism, it helps regulate global temperature. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the circulation of cold and warm water throughout the world’s oceans.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the rate at which ice is melting at the poles and to better understand how science can help solve the climate crisis, Rosberg X Racing supported a pioneering research mission with Prof. Alun Hubbard, Professor of Glaciology at The Universities of Tromso & Oulu.

2021: Little Sun - Senegal

Little Sun is an NGO whose purpose is to design and deliver affordable clean energy solutions and inspire people to take climate action. During the Ocean X Prix race weekend, RXR undertook a school visit and donated 180 Little Sun solar-panelled lights, giving children access to 1,200 additional hours of study time for pupils over the lifespan of a single lamp.

2021: RXR x Muna AbuSulayman

RXR also used the lead up to the inaugural Extreme E event in Saudi Arabia to announce Saudi businesswoman and activist Muna AbuSulayman its first #DrivenByPurpose ambassador. A global leading voice for gender equality, AbuSulayman has been named one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World on several occasions for her work in gender, media, leadership and education. RXR continues to work with AbuSulayman to promote the values of the #DrivenByPurpose campaign with additional ambassadors to be announced in due course.

2020: Life Terra - Spain

The campaign's first activity took place at the pre-season test held at MotorLand Aragón, Spain, where RXR helped tackle-and-raise-awareness-of desertification by planting over 100 native trees in partnership with Life Terra, one of Europe’s largest climate action initiatives which strives to plant 500 million trees by 2025 thanks to support from RXR and the EU Commission.

UN Sports for Climate Action

RXR has joined the UN's Sports for Climate Action Framework as part of its commitment to work with the UN and sporting organisations to use sport as a platform to support the fight against climate change.

The Sports for Climate Action initiative, led by the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), was born out of the 2015 Paris Agreement and calls on sporting organisations to acknowledge the contribution of the sports sector to climate change and their responsibility to strive towards climate neutrality for a safer planet.

In line with the five core principles of the Framework and the aims of the Paris Agreement, RXR joins its fellow participants by following the following five principles:

- Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility
- Reduce overall climate impact
- Educate for climate action
- Promote sustainable and responsible consumption
- Advocate for climate action through communication
RXR joins Extreme E and over 240 other participants currently signed up to the framework.

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