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Extreme E brings electric racing to some of the most remote corners of the planet to highlight climate change challenges.

Extreme E’s five-race global voyage, spanning four continents, will highlight the impact of climate change and human activity on some of the world’s most remote locations while promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles to help protect the planet.

Extreme E’s revolutionary battery-electric, 400kw (550hp), 1650-kilogram, 2.3-metre wide ODYSSEY 21 E-SUV is bespoke from the ground up. Capable of firing from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, at gradients of up to 130 percent. It’s unlike anything else out there.

The Drivers’ Programme is designed to promote professional drivers and assist teams and prospective entries. Series organisers will recommend prospective competitors from its Drivers’ Programme to teams, however, if teams prefer, they will have the autonomy to select their own drivers from outside the pool.

The Series
The Mission


Rosberg X Racing exists to drive awareness, educate and help tackle climate change.

Rosberg X Racing is an extension of Nico Rosberg’s work and passion for sustainable technology and future solutions.

The team has a commitment to educating global populations on proactive and reactive measures to stop and reverse the climate emergency, and leave a lasting legacy that drives localised change in the locations Extreme E visits. 

Disruptive technologies further develop and thrive when put to the test in motorsport - this is a key feature of Extreme E and a leading factor in Rosberg Racing’s existence. We are a progressive team with sustainability and diversity at the heart of everything we do. Rosberg X Racing is a supporter of competition as a means to drive the development of sustainable technologies that filter through to everyday life. 


Now is the age of collaboration. Rosberg X Racing is committed to working together with the Extreme E family today to help shape a better tomorrow. Rosberg X Racing will continue to evaluate, test and champion emerging technologies that improve sustainability and reduce society’s impact on planet earth.

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