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Rosberg X Racing partners with Italian Red Cross to support local community in its Driven By Purpose

Sardinia, 22 October 2021. In the latest instalment of Rosberg X Racing’s driven by purpose campaign, RXR, their partners and friends teamed up with the Italian Red Cross to support its local community that has been affected by the recent devastating wildfires via a voucher system. This morning, RXR Founder and CEO Nico Rosberg met with Mayor Diego Loi as well as Alessandra Pinna, (Spokesperson and Secretary of the Italian Red Cross) in the wildfire area of Santu Lussurgiu to hand over a cheque to the value of €39.000. While there, he also met with an affected family at a nearby farm to learn more about the damage caused by the wildfires.

“I am devastated by the destruction in the region and its effect on local communities on the island. I am very grateful that we got the opportunity to visit the area and provide some much needed help thanks to our partners. The Italian Red Cross has done a tremendous job and we are proud to be able to support them”, said Nico Rosberg, CEO of Rosberg X Racing.

The Italian Red Cross has been responding to the wildfires in Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency, mobilising their local, regional and national resources. This project aims to provide vouchers to the affected families, which can be redeemed in local partner stores. With contributions made from RXR, Julius Bär, IG Prime, Ravenol, Sunreef Yachts, and Petronas, as well as 25 baby buggies and strollers donated from CYBEX, our driven by purpose campaign project was able to assist 200 families and an estimated 400 people that were affected by the fires.

Sergio Piredda, Sardinian Red Cross President commented: "On behalf of the whole Red Cross of Sardinia, I express my warmest and most sincere thanks for the great sensitivity and attention demonstrated by Nico Rosberg and his team for the disastrous event that occurred in the Montiferru area last summer, which saw a vast territory destroyed by fire. The ecological and economic damage is immense. Many families have lost everything but, thanks to the generosity of donors like Nico and his partners, it will be possible to rebuild what was lost. As Sardinian people, we can only thank all those who show generosity and sensitivity for those who are most vulnerable. The hope is also that of sensitizing the population to ecological culture, to the sustainability of interventions, so that prevention is the winning means for the future "

IG Prime: Fouad Bajjali, CEO of IG Prime, commented: “We are delighted to have been able to support Rosberg X Racing’s #DrivenByPurpose campaign this weekend in Sardinia. This project, in partnership with the Italian Red Cross, allows us to support those families affected by the recent wildfires in Sardinia which devastated so many. The work carried out by Nico Rosberg and the RXR team continues to empower and support local communities at each and every race and we are proud to have been involved this weekend.”

Sunreef Yachts: Francis Lapp, Founder and President of Sunreef Yachts added: “When partnering with Rosberg X Racing, we wanted to support the team’s work highlighting pressing environmental issues and helping the local communities where the races take place. With this project, in partnership with the Italian Red Cross, we can fulfill this purpose by helping those families in need following the recent wildfires in Sardinia. Sunreef Yachts is pleased to contribute to this cause and look forward to continuing our support of the RXR #DrivenByPurpose campaigns.”

Martin Pos, Founder and Chairman of Cybex: “When Nico informed me about his Rosberg X Racing driven by purpose project, I was immediately sold. As the leading brand for child safety and strollers, it is an absolute matter of course and a privilege joining this great project. With over 1.500 people being displaced and more than 200 families being affected by the devastating fires, we sincerely hope that our small contribution supports Nico’s work and services a fast recovery of families’ life in this area.”

Marco Parroni, Head of Global Brand Programs, Partnerships and Sponsoring at Julius Bär, said: "We were delighted to join forces with Nico Rosberg and his team for the latest instalment of their driven by purpose campaign, as together we share the same vision"

Martin Huning, Motorsport Director of Ravenol commented: “Ravenol is proud to be part of Rosberg X Racing as they are showing how motorsport can be used as a platform for social good.”

Giuseppe D'Arrigo, Managing Director & Group CEO, PETRONAS Lubricants International: “We are proud to stand by Nico Rosberg and his team Rosberg X Racing, as we collaborate to provide relief for the people of Sardinia as the state of emergency continues. As a brand with Italian heritage, we are devastated by the wildfires and displacement of Sardinian people. We are fully committed to mobilising our resources to help affected families and assist in the recovery efforts. Like Nico and his team, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) has long been driven by purpose, with a legacy of a hundred years of innovation focused on meeting our customers’ needs. Now, we turn our resources towards meeting the needs of those with the most urgent and life-changing requirements"

Rosberg X Racing partners with Italian Red Cross
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