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How to improve your writing skills

One of the best way to improve your writing skills in your target language is to improve your reading. Reading improves not only your vocabulary but also your grammar, your spelling and your writing.


If you don't like to read big materials, read some topics in your target language that you are familiar with and you like.

For example if you like baseball and you know the terminology in your target language, reading about baseball in your target language will be more enjoyable and will make your reading experiences easier.

Now, you have to ask homework questions online free and practice your writing skills. My suggestion is to start a diary.

You don't have to write long texts if you are not familiar with writing.

- Start by writing what you want in the target language .It doesn't have to be fancy, write down what is in your mind and try to do it everyday.

- Create a routine to remain self-disciplined. Schedule a moment for that, maybe at the end of your day, before going to bed will be the best time for you.

- Take some baby steps. First, write without taking in consideration the spelling. Then, read your writing and edit it with the help of a dictionary and grammar book if necessary.

You will improve tremendously your writing skills in your target language while having fun doing it.

Do the lack of writing skills evident on this site scare anyone else as much as they scare me? I mean really. Does anyone learn anything at school these days?

How do you improve writing skills?

I'm neither bad nor excellent with my writing. I just started off as a copywriter and sometimes I struggle writing long body copies I end up researching homework help math and all that which means I'm quite hopeless What are some ways to improve generally in English especially writing ? I know reading helps but I know of people who read so much and still have sucky writing skills. I don't want to be average. I want to be like really good at it. Tips please?

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